Friday, 20 January 2017

Visual Poetry Exhibition : Museum of Futures

Recently I've been interested in experimenting with Algorithmic Poetry. Last month I had my first poem published on the Poetry WTF?! website. It was based on Rudyard Kipling's If and used a set of simple rules to reconstruct a new poem using Google.

Algorithmic approach: Type line of original poem to seed search engine.
Stop typing before predictive line reverts to original.
Use the predicted line.
Do this for each line in original poem.

I'm really pleased that I will be exhibiting a new version of this work as a visual poem at the Museum of Futures in February 2017. I have once again taken If as my starting point and interestingly the algorithmic system has already created another variation despite only a month passing between Google searches. The new poem is called Goggle If and depicts all the search boxes that helped create it.

detail, Goggle If
Museum of Futures: Visual Poetry Exhibition
February 23rd to March 12th 2017
117 Brighton Rd, Surbiton KT6 5NJ

Over two dozen poets and artists local or connected to the Surbiton or Kingston area, present brand new works especially made for this group exhibition. Exploring the visual and material properties of language through concrete poems, abstract painting, asemic writing and many other avant-garde techniques, this exhibition aims to bring together generations, and methodologies, through a shared engagement with the participants localism.

With new works from Imogen Abed / Ed Arantus / Tim Atkins / Adam Baron / Molly Bergin / Susie Campbell / Sarah Dawson / Thomas Duggan / SJ Fowler / Lucy Furlong / Penny Goring / Mark Harris / Megan Haycock / Imo Jeffes / Dean Kenning / Yessica Klein / Olga Kolesnikova / Julia Lewis / Dacy Lim / Hannah Lowe / Cleary Mallard / Raif Mansell / Matthew Navey / Albert Pellicer / Zoe Radford / Virna Teixeira / Simon Tyrrell with more to be announced.

Partnering with the Museum of Futures - a dynamic community arts space that has engaged Surbiton residents, families and businesses since 2015 and curated by The Community Brain CIC, the exhibition aims to showcase early career poets and artists alongside more experienced practitioners and build on the community, beginning new relationships and collaborations, that already surround this wonderful venue. The engagement with themes of suburbia, the Seething mythos and the humour so prevalent in the Museum of Futures enterprise will undoubtedly also influence the exhibition's aesthetic.

There will be an event to launch the exhibition: A night of collaborative poetry readings on February Thursday 23rd, full of newly commissioned collaborations readings
Curated by SJ Fowler with assistant curators Megan Haycock, Molly Bergin, Olga Kolesnikova, Dacy Lim and Matt Navey.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Poetry WTF ?! If

I've always been interested in reading, books and libraries, it is one of my greatest pleasures outside of my children and gambling. I haven't had much time to make art this year, but have snatched an hour a week to help out on the UK Chapbook Chart website. Each chart run-down introduces me to a new author or chapbook and over the past few months I've discovered the poetic work of the Combed Thunderclap. His/her/their work sits, cut and spliced in Issue #1 of the Poetry WTF?! chapbook.

Poetry WTF?! immediately appealed to the discordant nature of my life. In my mind over any normal day I deconstruct and stick life back together like an ugly Lego model. On the site there are a range of categories (Remix Poetry, Sculpture Poems, Mutated Poetry, Neon Light Poetry and Algorithmic Poetry) that any writer can apply themselves to and submit.

The gambler in me was attracted by Algorithmic Poetry and I set up a framework to play a game of poetry. My rules looked like this...
Type line of original poem to seed search engine.
Stop typing before predictive line reverts to original.
Use the predicted line.
Do this for each line in original poem.

After a few rolls of the dice I found the perfect poem for my game was Rudyard Kipling's If.
Read it here on the Poetry WTF?! website.
One of things I like about this approach is that I will be able to re-type the poem each year, or from different locations and a new poem should materialise.

I see from Amazon that Issue #2 of Poetry WTF?! chapbook is ready to be released and I'm obviously excited about getting my hands on a copy.
Next for me is an experiment with film dialogue and speeches using the same algorithmic method.

Where one step before
I'm Spartacus
I'm sorry I haven't a clue.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Papergirl Bristol - Paperboy mystery

Papergirl Bristol are at it again. I'm contributing one of my artworks to their brilliant exhibition and delivery route throughout Bristol. I was very much inspired by their poster as I am a keen collage artist myself.

Every month the dad of an old friend comes round with his old RA and Tate glossy magazine. It is a strange relationship between us as I see Keith (the dad) far more than my old friend Matthew. I cannot afford to be a 'friend' of one of these institutions and it is rare for me to be able to justify a trip into London with the rise in Travelcard prices. So I recreate these exhibitions in my own home here in the suburbs.

My artwork is called Mystery, and it includes a Rothko and a Hepworth within it.

17th January 2016

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mail Art Exhibition – Connection is Made

During October 2015 Droitwich Library will be exhibiting a selection of Mail Art from around the globe. My card collage Dot Dot Dash is but one rectangle in this patchwork quilt of this fabulous exhibition curated by artist Tamara Jelača

Droitwich Library

Mail Art Exhibition – Connection is Made…
Droitwich Spa (UK) / October 2015 – International artists
Droitwich Library, Victoria Square, WR9 8DQ, Droitwich Spa

"The idea of Mail Art Exhibition came to me for two main reasons. The first one because I always liked the idea of exchanging art and connecting with other artists. The second reason was absolutely perfect format of mail art that I was considering as ideal to make a connectionbetween artists in Droitwich Spa and a twin town Voiron in France. That was only the beginning."
Tamara Jelača, 2015

Droitwich Arts Network invited the artists from Voiron, to participate in a Mail Art Exhibition during Salt Fest 2015. French artists sent us their fantastic art postcards, so we wished to spread the word and have even more artists from around the world. Now, Droitwich are proud to show mail art that arrived from UK, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Greece, USA, Austria, Brazil, Australia…

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Connection is made, Droitwich Spa

Today I sent off a postcard to the new exhibition curated by artist Tamara Jelača. Tamara is an artist who I first came across at the Fringe Arts Bath festival in 2014. Her latest mission is to connect her home town of Droitwich Spa with the rest of the world. Everyone can get involved, send a postcard to the address below and follow all the guidelines.

Dot Dot Dash

Participation is free.
All mediums will be accepted like: mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, text/poetry, original printmaking, photography, digital art but please no photocopies.
Dimensions: approximately A5 (15 x 21 cm), but it's not a strict rule
More than one work allowed
Artwork must be sent through the regular postal service as a postcard (not in envelope). Be sure the postage is stamped at correct amount.
No Jury. All artworks will be exhibited.
Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s): name and surname, country, title of artwork, technique, email and, if any, personal website. Please write clearly.
Artworks sent for the exhibitions will not be returned. The artworks will become a part of The Droitwich Arts Network collection or be offered for sale for a symbolic prize and the revenue will be all donated to a charitable institution (with the permission of the artist).
All artworks will be published in e-catalogue and available to download.
The organiser retains the rights to photograph and print photographs of works in local papers, in web, public relations and advertisements of the exhibition. The artists' name will be clearly noted.
The organiser The Droitwich Arts Network reserves the right to refuse any material judged to be unsuitable for exhibiting due to violent or offensive subject.

Deadline:Please send your postcards before:  30th September 2015
All artists that include the contact email will be informed when the artwork is received. 

Please send your artworks to the following address:
Mail Art Project
19 Impney Way
Droitwich Spa
United Kingdom

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Love Libraries - Streatham Postcard Exhibition

The aftermath of conversation - Ed Arantus
It's been a Wish You Were Here moment this month. With the girls off school I've been able to grab a few moments to enter some exhibitions again. I wont bore you with life stories nor the history which puts at this spot in time. Easter holidays always come at just the right time and a trip down to the seaside has inspired me to enter two new exhibitions.

Being part of the postcard sized 'A Book about Death' last year in Wales has given me the confidence to try both these new exhibitions. The Art of Caring is a large, 250 artworks, postcard exhibition at The Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames from 12th -16th May 2015. While the Love Libraries postcard exhibition is at Streatham Tate Library 63 Streatham High Road London SW16 1PN later this year. I chose the same image 'The aftermath of conversation' for both exhibitions.

Have a happy Easter,

Monday, 17 November 2014

Greenhorn Freakatorium in Crouch End

Half Wet - Directed by Sophie Gate
courtesy of
Last night I attended the Animation Freakatorium at the Greenhorn Film Festival. It was a brilliant selection of short and very short films. The production values were high but where money ran low the films sailed along on strong concepts alone. This looks like one of London's little gems that I will be returning to again and again. The backbone of the films came from The Royal College of Art it seems, which must be a hot bed of originality.

Small people in hats by Sarina Nihei
courtesy of
Hats off to the organisers of this bijoux festival, their selections didn't contain a dud. My favourite was 'Half Wet' by Sophie Gate which was a malleable masterpiece of surrealism. Some dazzled with visuals like 'The Elephant's Garden' by  Felix Colgrave and others with leftfield stillness like Sarina Nihei's 'Small people in hats'.

Music was represented with the stylish video for ‘Fear & Delight’ by The Correspondents, directed by Naren Wilks. I was lured there by Alban Low's very short conceptual film 'Ping Pong Paranoia' but it wasn't the strongest but maybe it had it own though provoking simplicity.

The strongest audience response was for 'Living with Jigsaw' by Chris Capel which tickled everyone's cinematic funny bone. Thank you Greenhorn.