Thursday, 24 April 2014

FAB Fridge 2014 - Orangepeel Art

Stretchback Man
Its always a pleasure to receive an email from the Magnetic Godfather, Alban Low himself. My life drifts in the inevitable ebbs and flows with domestic successes and failures like most people. This means that my Art and creativity gets thrust to one side, so I grab every opportunity to show my ideas to wider audience if I can. Last week I got the email I'd been waiting for all winter and moved into action, opening the girls' lunchboxes each day to see if there was an orange peel creation I could enter in CollectConnect's new exhibition.

If you didn't know about FAB Fridge then it is one of the most original and inclusive exhibitions on the UK Art scene. It was my first street art exhibition all those years ago and I still have the magnet they gave me in 2010 on my fridge today.

I wont be able to make the exhibition on the 24th May 2014 but if you're in the area then they're meeting at Bath Rail station at 11.30pm to spread their magnetic love throughout the city. If you find a magnet or two then they're free to pick up. It's a great way to start your art collection, who knows you might nab an Arantus!

Peace, love and orange-peel.


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