Sunday, 19 October 2014

Afloat in Cambridge - Art Language Location

Susie Johnson - Afloat
(Jesus Green Lock)
Today I spent the day tracking down some of the artists and art in the Art Language Location exhibition in Cambridge. The top floor of Waterstones is nerve centre for this sparky festival. I prefer the artwork on the streets and those lovely surprises you encounter.

It is inevitable that at the end of freshers week here in Cambridge that some damage or high-jinx would tangle with an Art Language Location installation but I believe it was fate that detached Susie Johnson work in Jesus Green Lock. From the bridge I could see the words AFLOAT gently bobbing in the water, though sadly on the opposite side, ADRIFT, had taken things literally. For me Johnson's work was a standout in this already unique and quizzical festival.

Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk
Alban Low
I wasn't able to track down the great man Robert Good, who organised the whole thing. I had seen  that he had been out and about the day before on the Blue Plaque Walk so I retraced part of the walk myself. I found this one outside 1 Bateman Street, Cambridge for Solomon Schetcher.

My mind is whirring about what I could contribute for next year. Although I imagine the submission process is pretty rigorous. Better give it a go and hopefully see you on the streets of Cambridge.


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