Monday, 18 May 2020

Sentinel Trees - Urban Tree Festival 2020

Sentinel Trees is an exhibition of miniature art works from 13 artists and 9 authors.
It is part of the Urban Tree Festival 2020.

Trees are Sentinels, guarding and sheltering, standing silently for centuries as our busy lives rush along. Due to the current COVID restrictions and in keeping with the Urban Tree Festival the Sentinel Trees exhibition has been moved online. The art works have all been exhibited in bonsai trees alongside writing inspired by the art pieces.

I was asked to write two pieces for this exhibition and my first one has been exhibited today on a Forsythia bonsai and accompanies the work of legendary London Group artist Bryan Benge. If you don't know his work then please take the time to view his disturbing and evocative short films.

When you wake up early out of habit
You look between the curtain at the night

You still dream of synthetic leaves
Streetlight thieves and foxes that move between
Shadows swimming in the light

When you close your eyes I hear you breathing
Electric sigh a dear friend inside the dark

You still dream of synthetic leaves
Microchip trees and screens that blink at me
Glow green before I hear the lark

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