Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mail Art Exhibition – Connection is Made

During October 2015 Droitwich Library will be exhibiting a selection of Mail Art from around the globe. My card collage Dot Dot Dash is but one rectangle in this patchwork quilt of this fabulous exhibition curated by artist Tamara Jelača

Droitwich Library

Mail Art Exhibition – Connection is Made…
Droitwich Spa (UK) / October 2015 – International artists
Droitwich Library, Victoria Square, WR9 8DQ, Droitwich Spa

"The idea of Mail Art Exhibition came to me for two main reasons. The first one because I always liked the idea of exchanging art and connecting with other artists. The second reason was absolutely perfect format of mail art that I was considering as ideal to make a connectionbetween artists in Droitwich Spa and a twin town Voiron in France. That was only the beginning."
Tamara Jelača, 2015

Droitwich Arts Network invited the artists from Voiron, to participate in a Mail Art Exhibition during Salt Fest 2015. French artists sent us their fantastic art postcards, so we wished to spread the word and have even more artists from around the world. Now, Droitwich are proud to show mail art that arrived from UK, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Greece, USA, Austria, Brazil, Australia…

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