Sunday, 17 January 2016

Papergirl Bristol - Paperboy mystery

Papergirl Bristol are at it again. I'm contributing one of my artworks to their brilliant exhibition and delivery route throughout Bristol. I was very much inspired by their poster as I am a keen collage artist myself.

Every month the dad of an old friend comes round with his old RA and Tate glossy magazine. It is a strange relationship between us as I see Keith (the dad) far more than my old friend Matthew. I cannot afford to be a 'friend' of one of these institutions and it is rare for me to be able to justify a trip into London with the rise in Travelcard prices. So I recreate these exhibitions in my own home here in the suburbs.

My artwork is called Mystery, and it includes a Rothko and a Hepworth within it.

17th January 2016

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